Two Runners Who've

Done All 36 Races

Felix LeBlanc & Timothy Mahaffey Discuss a Few Memorable Moments & Why They've Stuck Around For So Long

Dayton, Ohio- It takes a great deal of dedication and behind the scenes hard work in order for any individual to compete in a half marathon. Specifically, as for Felix LeBlanc, Timothy Mahaffey, and just a short list of others, they’ve done this for the past 38 years, making this year the 39th consecutive year that they’ve run in all of the Dayton River Corridor Classic half marathons.

When asked how he started going to the races, LeBlanc stated how he and a few of his friends were all involved in the same running groups and word had gotten around that there was this big special race taking place soon. For Felix, it was more of a personal challenge being that he "eventually wanted to progress up the ladder."

There are some notable aspects of the race that Felix also will never forget. For example, the starting gun. Now some people would look at the gun, thinking that it resembled a "toy" being only a couple feet long and a couple feet high. However this thing went off sounding like a cannon. As Felix described, "you see this big cloud of smoke, a major boom and it would always give me something to look forward to." That rush, is what keeps him coming back every single year. Well, that to go along with his competitive edge. As he describes it, "you have this amazing streak going on and after you’re finished one year, you’re like no more, but then that feeling goes away and you want to keep going every year to keep the streak alive."

His experiences and feelings are very similar to that of fellow runner Timothy Mahaffey. Tim started because he had just completed a cross country bike race and as he described, "you’re full of yourself after complete a feat like that." A friend later told him about the race and he then started training for it. Something notable is that the half marathon was his first actual race of his adult life.

Similar to Felix, Tim keeps coming back because he is also very competitive and "doesn’t want to be the first of that special group of people who’ve ran in every race, to drop out of it." That and in a jokingly manner he also said, "I like to eat a lot of ice cream", so the race keeps him in good shape to indulge in his guilty pleasures.

The list of DRCC Ironmen: Tim Mahaffey of Huber Heights (now Florida), Felix LeBlanc of Dayton, Kevin Johnston of College Corner, Steve Hemmelgarn of Englewood, and Joe Gerstle of Kettering.