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Rick Maynard's Amazing Journey

Many of us have weight loss goals, Rick Maynard was no different, he wanted to lose 50 pounds., but when you weigh nearly 500 pounds, well that changes the picture.


An All-City football player his senior year at Dunbar High School he was already a pretty hefty guy at 255 pounds. After graduation in 1994 and without the training discipline that more naturally helped control weight he gained pounds rapidly.

All of that changed in 2011 when Rick decided he wanted to live. Not just be alive, but live and experience life, and he could not really do this at 487 pounds.

There was also a mental break through too: “I decided I was going to make a honest effort in changing everything I wanted to in my life including weight loss and to finish school. ” Part of that loss process was working out, something he knew how to do but had not done in many years.

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3 years later Rick has accomplished much more than he imagined. Dropping 245 pounds is just the physical change. Life has new meanings: the gym, the physical challenge, nutrition, and his new exercising friends/training partners. His current exercise selection includes cardio kick boxing, weight training, running and long distance bike riding. Every other weekend he rides 50+ miles and the next weekend runs 10 miles. He graduated with his Mechanical Engineering Technologies degree from the University of Dayton in December 2013 and works as a Manufacture Engineer in Piqua.

Staying motivated and on course is something that requires toughness and often help. Rick adopted his two sisters when they were 10 and 12. His sisters never had an easy road, he needed to get and stay healthy for them. He also adopted his niece, who is now 9 years old. Not only is Rick staying the course himself but bringing three family members along for the ride.

Rick leads by example and is not afraid to talk about it: “It is possible to overcome obstacles in life, just look at me. I love my new life too much to go back. And I miss the gym so much when I don’t get to go. I love the physical challenge and all the wonderful friends that I meet at the Coffman YMCA. ” He finished the Air Force Marathon in 2013 and will be running the half marathon this year as well as the Dayton River Corridor half marathon in October.

Rick’s thoughts to those looking to change their life:

Don’t become a slave to the scale, don’t weigh yourself more than once a week. I had my best results when I went to once a month. We are losing weight for a better life, not for numbers on the scale.

Obviously eating healthy is necessary, but don’t use diets to make a change. Look beyond the labels of food and look in the mirror and look and your own true behaviors and addictions. Keep a food diary and log every meal and snack, this will allow you to evaluate what you are eating.

Working out I believe is the game changer. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment and unbelievable confidence. Pushing yourself to find your own personal limits and goals.


Any struggles: My main struggle is every time I reach a new personal goal. It’s hard to stay focused to push for the next level. I never stop working out. As I have lost weight I have to readjust my eating habits many times to move forward.

Constantly learn more about healthy life style. I am always looking to improve by research and reading books.

So Rick, what is your most memorable accomplishment: The fact that I lost enough weight to go on the roller coaster with my kid sister in her Senior year in high school. I was missing out on a lot fun things like that with them before.

Rick Maynard, moving along in life, in the right direction….

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