Stories of Past Races 

As I remember, the afternoon was bright, cool, a perfect running day in downtown Dayton. The date, October 29, 1977 and at 2:15 in the afternoon the first Dayton River Corridor Classic Half-Marathon took off from Fifth and Jefferson Sts near the Stouffer’s Hotel. We ran the City streets eventually getting onto the river corridor, a path not many of us had ever heard of or seen. Across the river you could see the leaders, my thought: “How can anyone run that fast”. 

Felix LeBlanc & Timothy Mahaffey Discuss a Few Memorable Moments & Why They've Stuck Around For So Long

Dayton, Ohio- It takes a great deal of dedication and behind the scenes hard work in order for any individual to compete in a half marathon. Specifically, as for Felix LeBlanc, Timothy Mahaffey, and just a short list of others, they’ve done this for the past 39 years, making this year the 40th consecutive year that they’ve run in all of the Dayton River Corridor Classic half marathons.

When asked how he started going to the races, LeBlanc stated how he and a few of his friends were all involved in the same running groups and word had gotten around that there was this big special race taking place soon. For Felix, it was more of a personal challenge being that he "eventually wanted to progress up the ladder."

Two Runners Who've Done All 40 Races

The 2008 Dayton River Corridor Classic was my first half-marathon. I was 53 at the time, and I had taken up running in 2007 to keep off the 50 pounds I had lost that year. The 2013 DRRC will be my 8th half marathon – 4 of them the DRRC.

The 2008 route went north on the west side of the Great Miami River to the Washington Street bridge, then south on the east side of the river to Sunwatch Village, and back again.

October 12, 2008 was a sunny fall day – perfect weather for a race. I had weeks of preparation under my belt, based on a training plan I found on the web. Nevertheless, I still felt anxious. As I stretched, I marveled at how alone I felt among 500 runners. I didn’t know anyone there.


Dayton, Ohio- Although Hank Wolf’s participation in the Dayton River Corridor Classic last year ended in a bit of a scare for fellow runners and his family, a lot of good came of it in the end. I had the great opportunity to speak with Hank Wolf, and learned a great deal about his life and experiences leading up to the race.

Wolf grew up in Buffalo, New York, going to high school in Syracuse and competed in a variety of sports growing up including cross country, tennis, and basketball. With that type of background, competitive nature was something that he developed at an early age. Later on, when he attended the University of Dayton, he didn’t compete in sports but he did remain active.

Hank Wolf's Story: Heart Attack Survivor

A Short History of the

Dayton River Corridor Classic Half-Marathon

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